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Bizzy Visits Minecraft


Okay, so my avatar in Minecraft is not named Bizzy, but it was still me at the helm. It’s kind of funny that with all the advances in graphics in video games, this one is an 8-bit world. What I most like about video games is the social aspect. I need a multiplayer game environment. I guess this is just because I am a very social person, always have been. If the game doesn’t allow you to talk to people within it, well, we head over to Skype and talk there while we play. In Minecraft, we tend to go in an out of creative mode. In this video you can see the types of buildings and fun stuff we’ve been building. The other mode is survival and fighting off the zombies and skeletons and other creepy crawlers. I admit, I get a little scared when one sneaks up on me.

But, back to the point of this experiment…

“They” say that it takes about 50-75 blog posts to begin to get people to start engaging. “They” also say that you have to create great content. I suppose it’s really all subjective. What’s great to one audience might not matter at all to another one. I’ve chosen to keep writing this blog and posting these videos to see what kind, if any, audience it attracts. The possibility is that no one will find me and no one will care. OH WAIT !! I just had a friend request on YouTube from another Minecraft poster. SWEET.

What do you think?