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Bizzy Getting Busy


Introducing “Bizzy Inventor”.

Thus begins an experiment in social media. Building a following, sharing information, and hopefully engaging an audience.

Bizzy is a cat avatar because it seems to me that the Internet community has a adoration for cats. Bizzy Inventor and PumpkinsI am actually a dog owner, because a lot of my family and friends have allergy issues with cats. This doesn’t mean I don’t love a sweet kitty myself.

Bizzy’s role in virtual life is to provide me with a place to express myself without directly revealing exactly who I am. I know, I know.. we’re in the age of transparency. I get that. But in a world where everyone’s social footprint is tracked and monitored and reported on, sometimes you just need a place to call your own. This is mine.

I’ve set up a Twitter account  for Bizzy. A great place to begin since I know that Facebook and Google+ frown on pseudonyms. I’ll have to rely on WordPress and Twitter to test for now.

I’m sure it’s going to be a little lonely here at first. But that’s okay. It’s a process.

Any small business attempting to use social media to build their business probably feels the same way. I’m here, now what do I do.

Step 1 – Create Content Worth Sharing

I’m going to head over to YouTube next and create an account. Watch for some visual storytelling coming soon.