Social Media Can be Frightening


Happy Halloween Everyone!

Before I dive in to today’s post and sharing the Day 4 video, I wanted to share a new avatar look for Bizzy. We’ll call it “Bizzy Grows Up”. While I loved the little cartoon like cat avatar, it was causing me some problems when filming in Second Life©.  The alpha prim hiding the normal avatar body was showing up in some of my filming. Let me know what you think? Keep the new Bizzy or go back to the old?

Social Media Can Be Frightening

A friend and I have been talking about this whole ‘Klout‘ thing. A lot of people were pissed off and ranting last week, a lot of people were dismissive about it’s perceived importance and a lot of people ignored the whole thing either because they didn’t care or they had no idea what was going on.

Our main discussion was centered around trying to understand where the data is coming from to drive the scores. Before the adjustment my Klout was a healthy 55 and growing, my friends was at around 35. This made sense, I am a heavy social media user on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. ect.  and my friend is a lighter user, mainly sticking to Facebook and Picassa pictures and YouTube. So okay, maybe Twitter was the main catalyst for your Klout score.

Then, after the algorithm adjustment I dropped 6 points to a 49 and theirs soared 15 points to a 53. FTW !!! How could this be? My friend basically shunned social media while I was one of the biggest cheerleaders of this channel of communication. Well, we decided to dig a little deeper and start comparing our own stats to see if we could guess how this could have happened. We looked at Twitter..I have over 750 followers, over 3,900 tweets compared to my friend with under 75 followers and a scant 175 tweets. Okay, so Twitter must not be a significant factor.

Hmmm.. on to Facebook. We did a little comparison here.. I have 3 times as many friends, posted more often, liked more things and I belong to and interact with a variety of groups.

Bizzy Inventor Klout ScoreAround this time I threw my hands up in the air and though “who the hell cares”.  The thing I did take away from this was that I’m probably spending too much time networking within my industry, peers and thought-leaders, instead of networking with those who would see me as that. Having a Bizzy Inventor Twitter account will help me test that. I am NOT going to interact with anyone in my real life industry. Oh, and I did notice that without even signing up, Bizzy has a Klout of 10. Let’s see where it goes.

Video Content Day 4

So, now that we have THAT out of the way… it’s time for my Day 4 machinima.. woohoo… (remember it’s about quantity, not quality lol) We’ve picked up a couple of new subscribers, how cool is that!!


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